Study spots



You can find them at the UM Library: 2500 study places at five locations.

When you enrol in Maastricht University, you’ll receive a UMcard. This is your university ID and it gives access to UM buildings and facilities, including the University Library and its many study places.

The Maastricht University Library is a popular venue. It serves as an open intellectual and communal hub for students, researchers and scholars, helping them achieve their academic goals.


The UM Library is where students read and think, collect and process information, create and collaborate. It’s a great place to meet up and work together, as part of Problem-Based Learning.

The building also offers various individual study spaces to suit personal needs and learning styles.


Apart from the Inner City Library and the Randwyck Library (in the southeastern business and university district), there are three locations where you can bring your own device:


  • Bonnefanten Learning Spaces

  • Tapijn Learning Spaces

  • University Sports Centre Learning Spaces

Naturally, the UM Library houses countless books and online publications. But it’s much more than that.


The library is home to a variety of services including:


  •  Research and education support

  •  Workshops and courses on information and writing skills

  •  Access to software, touchscreens, scanners, copiers and printers


  •  Information desks and librarians in red shirts

  •  Peer point (students supporting students)

  •  Cafés