Housing in Maastricht

Going to university often means moving to a new city, and sometimes even a new country.

Some things you should know about finding a room in Maastricht:

Be sure to start your housing search as soon as possible! That means well before you come to Maastricht or Venlo.

Make sure to read these tips and warnings.

Maastricht University does not have campus housing.

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Students who come from abroad have the option to rent a furnished room at the UM Guesthouse during their first year.

Most students at Maastricht University live in private houses together with other students. So what’s that like?

UM student Daniel made this video compilation.

Room hunting can be quite a challenge if you’re doing it for the first time. So, what are the do’s and don’ts?

This is how Maia found a place to live in Maastricht.

“My room hunting story began like that of most other students coming to Maastricht. By this I mean posting a message on the Facebook group Rooms/Kamer/Zimmer Maastricht:

‘Help! I’m homeless! Nice 19-year old girl from Estonia, future 1st-year European Law Student looking for a room, PM me!’.

Naive as I was, I thought it would be fairly easy to find accommodation. I didn’t realise that finding a room online in late August was going to be a challenge. At viewings, there could be 30 candidates for just one room.”

If you start your search before June, you will have a better chance of finding a room in Maastricht or Venlo. Maia just started her search a little too late.

Here’s what happened next:

“After responding to advertisements for weeks, I finally managed to score a Skype interview with a girl moving to California for an exchange. It was a dream come true – she could sublet her room to me for six months and could arrange it online.

There was a slight ‘but’: the landlord preferred German girls only and I don’t speak German. Not to worry! My mother e-mailed him in German and I finally got my room. For six months, I avoided the landlord by casually retreating to my room whenever he came by, or, as a last resort, pretending to understand German by smiling and nodding.

I look back on this experience with a big smile, but I would definitely not choose to repeat it. So, my advice for future room hunters is:

So, again, start early! Begin your search before June. You don’t want to end up living in a trailer at a gas station until October (another true story).

Be positive! The student housing market in Maastricht may get busier every year, but finding a room is not impossible.

Don’t be afraid of being housemates with strangers! “You might end up sharing the three best years of your life with them.”

Some more tips:

Tip #1: Create a wish list

The first step of your room hunt in Maastricht is to decide what you really need. Narrow down your search. Decide on things like: room size, pricing, length of stay and proximity to the university and other facilities.

Remember that this is going to be your first room, with probably many more to come, and that you need to have a certain level of comfort to make you feel at home.

Also consider nearby towns and cities. Lanaken, Heerlen and Sittard, for example, are within easy commuting distance.

Tip #2: Start early

Maastricht is home to more than 19,000 students and the really nice places are snatched up very quickly.

Starting your house hunt early is essential. As housing options in Dutch student cities are very limited, especially at the beginning of the academic year, we strongly advise you not to come to Maastricht if you have not found housing in or around the city before the start of the academic year.

If you arrive without housing arrangements, please be aware that UM doesn’t provide student housing and online education isn’t available due to housing constraints.

Non-EU students should note that their Dutch student visa requires residency in the Netherlands, ruling out living in neighbouring countries under this visa.

Tip #3: Hunt down your room

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time for some action. You can contact: maastrichthousing.com

Use the UM housing office (click here) or legitimate housing agents and beware of posts on Facebook. These posts offer housing that is often too good to be true; they are mostly fake.


For detailed information on rents, housing or the UM Guesthouse, please visit the housing pages on the UM website  and on mymaastricht.nl, or go to MaastrichtHousing.com.

Or read the 10 useful tips and warnings on housing in Maastricht. Also available as PDF download: Housing in Maastricht flyer.