Moving to Maastricht


UM is a very international university – about 50% of our students come from abroad. This means that we have a lot of experience with helping international students to settle in.


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1. Students for students

2. The Student Services Centre

3. The UM buddy system

1. Students for students

Students can help you with all your questions about moving to Maastricht or studying in the city via various social media channels.

Facebook: click here to go to Facebook

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Phone: +31 43 38 85388

WhatsApp: click here to chat

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2. Student Services Centre


The Student Services Centre has an international desk, where non-Dutch students can get practical assistance from a Dutch person about such things as moving to Maastricht.

UM student Nicolle says:


“The SSC provides service in the truest sense of the word. The centre not only helps students deal with bureaucratic formalities, but also gives advice on matters relating to your studies, career prospects, psychological problems or work.”

“International students have to sort out quite a few things when they get to the Netherlands, especially if they want to work: health insurance, BSN number, DIGID account and a Dutch bank account, to name just a few.”


Confused? Worried? “No need to be”, says Nicolle. “I know all this jargon sounds complicated, but it won’t take more than an hour at the International Service Desk to process the whole kit and caboodle!”



“You don’t even have to make an appointment beforehand. You can just go to them and get the necessary information, ask your questions and let the friendly staff walk you through everything.”


“Most of the forms that need to be filled out are in Dutch, and the SSC has native Dutch speakers who will help you. And they can save you money by helping you select the right insurance or making sure that you benefit from any available subsidies from the government. This could help you finance something extra… a Netflix or Spotify subscription? You decide!”

More about the International Service Desk on the UM website.

3. Buddies


Maastricht University also has a special student buddy programme for first-year international students. Watch this video:

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