Go the extra mile!


Make the most out of your student years.

Learning is more than studying textbooks or memorising facts or formulas.


You learn by doing, by drawing lessons from experience, from the interaction with fellow academic students.


Learning means improving yourself, constantly. It started the day you were born and reaches its peak at your age.


So use your time well. Go the extra mile!

Meet Louise, a medical student who went to work in Tanzania, where she gained surgical experience and learned to respect different cultures and, above all, be humble. Her stay in the bush fuelled her desire to connect with people and make the world a better place.

Why go to university? Because you have the brains, talent and willpower to succeed at the highest level.


You want to make the most of the prime years of your life. You want to go the extra mile.

Rugile says she’s grown tremendously as a person since she took up her studies. In her free time she works as a UM Student Ambassador, she has joined the Faculty Council and has become a member of a student theatre association.

Why go to Maastricht University? Because UM offers a personal learning model based on challenges, encouraging you to discover who you are, what you’re good at, what makes you tick and how you can make a contribution to society.


You are the future. Go the extra mile!

Pablo sees Maastricht like a kind of playground: if you’re willing to make a real effort, you can achieve anything, he firmly believes. In his spare time, Pablo organises ‘Shake-Awakes’ with the InnBetween student community: starting the day with a dance.

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