Medicine (NL/ENG)

The bachelor’s programme in short:


Become a medical doctor and address health and disease issues, supporting your patients and their relatives.


Engage in authentic professional tasks to apply knowledge, skills, and a professional attitude, developing medical and communication skills from the start in the Skillslab.

This bachelor’s programme is for you if you…


• Aspire to become a medical doctor.

• Seek to be a discussion partner for patients, their relatives and your colleague professionals.

• Recognise the dynamic nature of healthcare, emphasising integral care, prevention and health promotion.

Your future career


After finishing their bachelor’s in Medicine, almost all students continue on to the master’s in Medicine.


After completing your master’s in Medicine you can start to work in primary healthcare, specialize in the field of your choice, work in clinical research or teach in medical education.

Take over the controls and have a look inside the faculty.

Get ready to work in a hospital as a resident physician. Learn more about the programme at UM.

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