Computer Science

Learn how to make computer programs run better, faster, and safer

A great choice for students who are fascinated by computers and who want to make a real difference. The study offers solid career prospects.

The bachelor’s programme in Computer Science is a new programme that teaches you the ins and outs of software.


Whether it’s a supercomputer used for scientific research, computers in everyday objects like cars, watches, fridges or your gaming console: you will learn how to make them run as smoothly as possible.

One, two, three


  1. During the first year, you’ll learn the basic, most important concepts in Computer Science. We’ll teach you how to program.

  2. In the second year, you’ll have more freedom in the curriculum, which allows you to pick your favourite Computer Science topics.

  3. Finally, you’ll customise your training as a computer scientist in the third and last year of the programme.

Our way of teaching Computer Science


Our Computer Science bachelor’s programme uses project-centred learning. Semester-long group projects provide context and meaning to the things you learn. Project-centred learning also enables you to develop key skills, which you will need during your career. These include working in a team, documenting your work and presenting your project to others.

Computer Science is part of the UM Faculty of Science and Engineering, which is housed in a newly renovated building in Randwyck at Paul Henri Spaaklaan 1. You will be taught by staff from the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences.

Scroll down and have a look at the faculty area.

Please note that the video will be updated shortly as it still features rooms from our previous building.

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